Insurance Consulting

Insurance Consulting

What is Insurance Consulting?

Insurance consulting is the service of helping companies in the insurance industry solve their business insurance problems. The service ranges across a wide variety of insurance fields: Property and Casualty Insurance, Annuity and Life Insurance and so on. 

In general, an insurance consultant will work with small businesses to help them develop a growing strategy or optimize multiple aspects of their current working processes, for example enhancing the quality of underwriting execution, or devising a digital strategy and embedding analytics in claim settlement.

Life Insurance for businesses – Group life insurance provides value for money. Group members typically pay very little, if anything at all. Any premiums are drawn directly from their weekly or monthly gross earnings. Qualifying for group policies is easy, with coverage guaranteed to all group members.

Health Insurance – MGCGP will provide a comprehensive group package to cover all employees and the owners of the business. This could include a snapshot of savings for Employers which would allow for business to invest in other aspects of the business.

Medicare – MGCGP can manage your retirees group Medicare insurance. We are contracted with Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana and Anthem to provide the best rates for your retirees.